Rainbow Relax Baby Massage Courses


Rainbow Relax Baby Massage 7 week course

A 7 week course in parental massage for babies aged 6 weeks to crawling, where parents/carers will learn the gentle art of baby massage. The sessions will teach the full body strokes as well as the history, science & tradition behind baby massage & will build up each week learning new massage body areas, songs to use and techniques to support massage sessions such as soothing moves & what areas can help with relaxation, sleep, unsettled tummies, bonding and medical issues such as colic, wind, colds, teething. Massage also supports special medical conditions such a prem babies, additional needs or other diagnosed conditions. Our course is a beautiful experience to share with your baby & a skill to support your parenting now and in to the future. We will use our unique Glow Bambino lighting to enhance each session held in our beautiful sensory space & enhanced by using light therapy colour washes, twinkle lights & sensory toys. During sessions we use water vapour aromatherapy & have the room at a warm temperature for your baby and use gentle music, songs & poems. This will all be followed by coffee & cake while the babies are chilled or maybe asleep!😁. The course includes a bottle of organic oil & a folder with lots of info to take home. By the end of our time together we will have developed your baby's own personal massage routine which will cover all aspects of parental baby massage for use at home. Currently only available at Bewdley.


Regie-George and I have attended 2 baby massage courses 


Can my baby be massaged if they have a cold?

Yes, as long as they don't have a high temp and are not on antibiotics, massage can help with blocked noses and congestion.